From three generations Naturally Gluten Free

From three generations Naturally Gluten Free

We are in Teglio, in the heart of Valtellina, a valley rich in biodiversity where alpine nature dominates. Here, exposed to the sun, in the middle of the mountains surrounded by pure air, from three generations we have been processing buckwheat as our centuries-old tradition has taught us. We have always embraced the gastronomic culture that characterizes these places with commitment, dedication and the right innovation carrying it out with passion. However, year by year, we have grown never stopping doing research adding to our lines several essential raw materials to create unique and healthy dishes. Buckwheat, but also Corn, Quinoa, Millet, Rice, Amaranth and many other cereals included in the Gluten-Free category. We have been producing organic for over 30 years. A fact who testifies our constant commitment towards production safety with a focused look to the needs of an increasingly attentive market for quality who shows our constant attention to the satisfaction of our customers, also proven by our numerous bodies of certifications.

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What we offer

Wide choice

Flours, cereals, mixes for sweet and savory: a wide range of products made with different raw materials capable of satisfying the tastes of those who love to eat healthily and with taste, most of which are Gluten Free.


Our attention to the needs of the final consumer is expressed through the passion and constant innovation that we put into creating good and genuine products, mostly Gluten Free.


It is a choice that we have pursued for over 30 years with the precise desire to create products born from the care for man and the environment.

Quality and certification laboratory

Strict quality controls, carried out both by our company laboratory and by accredited external laboratories, guarantee all our production. A work supported by various certification bodies that are based on total transparency and integrity in wanting to offer products that we are proud of.
Quality and certification laboratory
Spiga Barrata
  • Spiga Barrata

    Molino Filippini has obtained the AIC - Italian Celiac Association for the use of the "Red Crossed Grain" mark, granted only to those producers who respect the strict disciplinary and reference standards.

COR - Canadian Organic Regime
  • COR - Canadian Organic Regime

    From July 2011, thanks to the equivalence agreement between the EC regulation 834/07 and the COR regulation, products certified according to the EC regulation 834/07 can be exported to Canada.

NOP - National Organic Program
  • NOP - National Organic Program

    From 01/06/2012 the mutual equivalence agreement between the NOP (National Organic Program) regulation and 834/07 entered into force. This agreement allows the export to the USA of certified organic products pursuant to regulation 834/07.

BRC - British Retail Consortium
  • BRC - British Retail Consortium

    Voluntary process certification (agro-industrial processing and transformation) aimed at companies operating in the food sector (food and drink). The high standards of compliance concern aspects of product quality, hygiene, and safety. Certification body: Certiquality s.r.l.

IFS - International Food Standard
  • IFS - International Food Standard

    It is the equivalent brand of the BRC in the Central European area. IFS Food is a process certification that has obtained full recognition in the GFSI field. IFS Food is particularly attentive to Food Defense, with an approach based on the analysis of hazards and on the assessment of the risks associated with the protection and safeguard of the food itself. Certification body: Certiquality s.r.l ..

Valtellina Quality Mark
  • Valtellina Quality Mark

    The Valtellina Product Mark is issued by the Sondrio Chamber of Commerce. It marks high-quality products, already recipients of designations of origin (PDO, PGI, Stg), or specific collective geographical or organic certification brands.

Health Ministry Certification
  • Health Ministry Certification

    Molino Filippini obtained ministerial authorization n. 1/13 / IAN / SO of 08/03/2013 to the production and packaging of gluten-free products.

  • Kosher

    Eurokosher is a kosher certification body in Italy and Europe. Kosher certification is strictly released only to those facilities who grant deliveries to ingredients, packaged foods, beverages, and certain materials, as well as foodservice providers where kosher food is prepared or served.

  • Vegan

    One world. Many lives. Our choice

Organic Products (Reg. CE 834/2007 and Reg. CE 889/2008)
  • Organic Products (Reg. CE 834/2007 and Reg. CE 889/2008)

    It guarantees a cultivation method that, in every phase, excludes the use of pesticides and synthetic substances, using only natural systems that respect the environment. Certification body: ICEA - Environmental Ethics Certification Institute.

AB Organic farming
  • AB Organic farming

    Entirely owned by the French Ministry of Agricultural Policies, AB is a certification mark that identifies products that are 100% organic or contain at least 95% organic agricultural products as far as processed products are concerned.

  • PGI

    The EU Reg Regulation n. 1151/2012 was born from the desire to enhance those products that have peculiar characteristics due exclusively or essentially to the geographical area of origin. 'Geographical indication' means the name of a specific geographical area used to designate an agricultural or food product originating in that area and of which a certain quality, reputation, or other characteristics can be attributed to its geographical origin. It is fundamental that the production, and/or transformation, and/or processing take place in the area itself. Unlike therefore the PDO, for the PGI it is sufficient that at least one of the phases listed above takes place in the area. The production process must comply with a product specification. KEY POINTS The PGI offers guarantees on different levels of the production process: - location - traditionality of the production process.

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