grano saraceno pianta

Discover the heart of an ancient seed

Originally from Central Asia, buckwheat was brought to Europe by nomadic bloodlines and immediately represented an important source of livelihood for Alpine populations thanks to its adaptability to altitude and cool climates. Present in Valtellina since the 16th century, buckwheat was called by our people " furmentùn, formentone or fraina " as if to underline the diversity of this grain. Its name, in fact, is deceptive because it is not it is a grain, but from a botanical point of view, it is counted among the annual Polygonaceae.
Its adaptability to this territory and its consequent diffusion have made it a fundamental ingredient in the Valtellinese diet, featuring many dishes, many of which still symbol of our gastronomic tradition.
Its nutritional properties, its unmistakable taste and it is being naturally gluten-free making it a healthy, good and suitable food for everyone.
Dedicated to the traditions we have been producing flour and buckwheat products for over three generations.

Buckwheat is excellent with cheese, fish or meat;
delicious with vegetables, it will amaze you with dessert.
It is that ingredient capable of giving a unique flavor to many dishes
of our tradition, but also to original and tasty recipes.

Discover the heart of this ancient seed: look for it on our packaging, it will indicate that that product contains buckwheat.

sano buono per tutti saraceno

It is highly digestible because its seed is mainly composed of starch; it is also full of minerals such as iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, tin and silicic acid.


The buckwheat is called the good wheat, because it is good for health and because thanks to its unmistakable taste it makes both traditional dishes and the most original recipes unique.

for everyone
for everyone

It is truly suitable for everyone: for lovers of soups and first courses, for those who love the lightness of a seasoned salad and for those who do not want to give up the dessert. Of course, Gluten-Free can also be used by those who follow a gluten-free diet.

Small but with huge properties. Small but with huge properties.
Nutritional value:
100 g
of buckwheat seeds
365 kcal, that is 1,496 kJ / 6 BE.
Highly digestible
Highly digestible

making it a food particularly suitable for the diet of people with digestive difficulties

Triple lysine
Triple lysine

Lysine is an essential amino acid for bone development and buckwheat contains three times that of wheat.

More minerals
More minerals

iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, tin and silicic acid are all components of buckwheat

gluten free

Naturally, gluten-free Buckwheat is also suitable for those suffering from celiac disease

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