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Buckwheat Flour / Saving Pack X10

Cod. 11220017

Gluten-free flour obtained from the grinding of Buckwheat. Suitable for giving a unique taste to homemade pasta, pizza, bread, and desserts.

The saving pack contains:

10 Packs of Buckwheat Flour / 1000 g

Senza Glutine
Senza Glutine

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  • Ingredients


  • Nutritional Information. Average Nutritional Values per 100 g:

    Average Nutritional Values for 100 g

    Energy 1452 kJ 343 kcal
    Fat 2.90 g
    of which saturated 0.62 g
    Carbohydrates 70.10 g
    of which sugars 0.85 g
    Fiber 5.30 g
    Protein 10.80 g
    Salt 0.0040 g

  • Recipe method

    Recipe for pizzoccheri:

    400 g of buckwheat flour,
    100 g of flour 00 *,
    200 g of butter,
    250 g of semi-fat cheese,
    150 g of Parmesan,
    200 g of cabbage or ribs,
    250 g of potatoes,
    clove of garlic


    Work the Buckwheat flour with 350 ml of water. Then roll out a 3mm sheet, cut into 10 cm wide strips, overlap them, and cut them into 5 mm wide strips. Cook them with potatoes and vegetables in abundant salted water for 15 minutes. Drain and put in a bowl alternating a layer of pizzoccheri with the chopped cheese and Parmesan. Finally, pour the fried butter with the garlic. Gluten-free.

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