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From the Heart of the Alps Our Superfood


It is the ingredient that gives that typical dark color to typical Valtellina dishes such as Pizzoccheri, Polenta Taragna, or Sciatt. But it is also a real superfood rich in nutritional properties and naturally gluten-free. We are talking about Buckwheat, the non-cereal (because it is actually a herbaceous plant) that we have been producing for over three generations. A raw material that prefers temperate and cool climates, such as the Alpine one where it has settled for centuries, characterizing its long gastronomic history. Buckwheat has all the positive properties of whole grains and legumes: it is a good source of slowly absorbed unrefined carbohydrates, it is rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins, plus it has a high biological value thanks to its protein content; it contains all the essential amino acids we need and has double the lysine that is limited in cereals. Of course, gluten-free is a raw material with a high nutritional profile. In the kitchen, it goes well with both savory and sweet. A few examples? Hulled Buckwheat is perfect in cold salads, in minestrone or soups, to make meatballs or as a substitute for rice for tasty risotto; in flour, it is ideal for giving a slightly rustic, but truly unforgettable, taste to any baked product that is sweet or savory; Finally, in Cous Cous, it is fast, easy to combine with vegetables, fish or meat and really suitable for everyone, including children.

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